Strangers Know
Hit the Ground Running
Pick Up and Leave

strangers know

You’re not the answer to my prayers
No, you’re just what I needed
All alone, reaching for the phone
If you were a record I’d play you till two
Doze off to the sun
Kissed by the moon right

Cause strangers know, it’s only a second
Strangers know.
Strangers know, it’s only a second
till you believe it or leave it
but I couldn’t leave you.

I’ve been around a few times now
A lot of ups and downs
A lot of comes and goes
You’re feeling low, I can’t bring you to light
But you’ll feel it come and go
Like only strangers know.

You’re not a shot in the dark
But not quite in line
Pushing to the edge
Always thought I didn’t know what I wanted  
Till you stepped into that spotlight
It’s a quick fall from midnight

Strangers know, it’s only a second
Strangers know.
Strangers know, it’s only a second …
Till you’re on the other side
of their life.


We’re not strangers
But strangers know.
Strangers know, it’s only a second
Till you believe it or leave it
But I couldn’t leave you.



Seeing landscapes,
horizons flickering out.
I can’t bare the thought
you won’t miss me as much.

Cause I’m seeing you and I’m seeing her
so unfamiliar but I’ve been here before.
I’m seeing you and I’m seeing her
and I can’t blame you if it steals your breath as well.

I’m so blue I’m seeing right through you
Into the open, into the open…
I’m so angry at me I can’t speak
It’s the cold and bite of winter seared inside me
And it hurts so…blue.

You’re thirty horizons flickering in and out,
You’re a hundred pages getaway I’ll never touch, oh.
Never touch…

Cause I’m seeing you and I’m seeing her,
So unfamiliar, but I’ve been here before.
So scared of your so sorry’s I’ll save myself early,
cut you off.

It’s all rivers melting my reality,
words down windows.
Everything that made so much sense,
Doesn’t anymore.


Blue, blue, blue, blue...


How about putting a beat to this heart?
How about putting aside the indecision?
Bet your pennies on other doubts,
I won’t take em.

How about getting lost in conversation?
How about giving a little more than a little of your lovin’?
Giving will hit you tenfold
and this is good.

Cause I say “jump” and you say “fall”
and you’re sure good at overthinking it at all when
it could hit the ground (hit, hit the ground).
Cause I say “swim” and you say “drown”.
Babe, if we don’t try it out we'll
never hit the ground,
hit the ground running.

How about putting a kick in my start.
How about Sunday mornings,
laughing like we’ve never been apart.
Like we could just love, love, love…
How about it?


Don’t matter, the miles separating us,
I wanna know where they could take us. 
(hit, hit the ground running, hit, hit the ground running). X 3




Being with you was
staring straight into a dead end.
Thinking we’re gonna hit the wall.
Just keepin’ on walkin’,
watch it fall down.

Say I hurt you good, was lying all along
I’m the one who went behind your back
when you were with someone else.
Say I hurt you good, was lying all along.
Take it back but I can see it in your eyes.

So why don’t you pick up and leave?
God knows you’d make it easier on me.
When the one you love doesn’t give a damn.
Don’t tell me that’s what love is.

Times I could’ve walked away,
signs pointing another direction—
I stared them right in the eye,
hoping maybe I wasn’t right.
Staring straight into a dead end
can’t find my way back again
and you’re just fine.


And he will leave, and you will cry.
There’s no fairness in goodbye.
And he will leave and you will cry
cause it’s just not…it’s just not right.


No, no, no, no, no...


Empty room, dusty noon.
Just the guy with the wife gone with the kids,
ashes under the bridge.
He says, “look at me now, I got nothing”
Thinking, “It wasn’t for nothing”

I know him from the daughter who ran,
wrapped her arms around my legs,
asked me if I remembered her,
smiling like sunlight.

Oh, and I knew her father too.
could I tell you she reminded me of you?

Walls fall, echoes carry on
through woods you built a home from.
You can still make something of the sawdust.
If you can’t do it for you, do it for your daughter.

The question of how it came to this.
When one walks in, saying, shaking fists,
“My God, no, it can’t all be for nothing”
He’s got dreams spilling from his pockets
but we know better than him.


When halcyons missed are passed
We’ll touch the light through the crack
The walls are crashing like waves
And I’ll dive, and I’ll dive
Into your…halcyon.