Erika Lamon is a soulful folk-pop singer-songwriter based out of Kingston, Ontario. Her first steps onto the music scene were taken when she was accepted into the Franco-Ontarian artist residency, Ontario Pop (now Rond Point), in 2013. Since then, her music has taken her all the way from North America’s largest Francophone music festival, to the more intimate settings of the festivals, pubs and cafés of her hometown.

In 2016, she released her first single, “Strangers Know”, a moody and shimmering pop song infused with Dido and Jewel undertones. Her self-titled debut EP, released in October 2017, was met with the enthusiasm and appreciation of listeners. While many at the release party were singing along to their personal favourites, some were discovering Erika’s artistry for the first time, and leaving that night with the feeling that there were “stages and shows much bigger” in Erika’s future.

A keen ear for melody, she has written songs such as Hit The Ground Running that could easily be confused for a top 40 cover… no one can predict the future but if I had to bet I would say there are stages and shows in this young lady’s future much bigger than the Kingston café she calls home now.
— High On Live
Erika Lamon is a wonderful singer/songwriter with one EP under her belt and the potential to be an artist with lasting appeal. She has an expressive voice capable of a wide range of styles and moods. Her songwriting is clear and emotional with hooks all day long. Also don’t miss Max Nolet’s understated yet perfectly supportive guitar work. He seems to be the rock upon which Erika bases her music. If you get the chance to catch this act live, clear your calendar and be there. This is an artist with her eye on the future.
— Hugh Ambrose, Folk Everything (CFRC 101.9FM)

Erika Lamon

by Erika Lamon

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Erika Lamon: Vocals and guitar
Max Nolet: Lead guitar and backup vocals
Jef Vandertogt: Additional instruments on tracks 1 to 3. 
Mario Telaro: Drums on tracks 4 to 5

All music and lyrics by Erika Lamon

'Strangers Know', 'Blue', 'Hit the Ground Running' engineered, produced, mixed and mastered by Jef Vandertogt

'Pick Up and Leave' and 'Daughter' engineered, produced, mixed and mastered by Patrick Johnson

Photography: Abelle Photography
Graphic Design: Sophia Lamon